Blue MD Review – Does This Blue Light Acne Treatment Really Work?

Blue MD Review - Does it work to heal acne?

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Even though people often dismiss acne as a problem that only plagues teenagers, the truth is that people can be afflicted with acne at any age. Acne can certainly cause anyone suffering its ravages to feel uncomfortable about his or her own appearance, leading to that person feeling increasingly self-conscious. Despite the plethora of creams, lotions and prescription medicines available to combat acne, it is challenging to find a treatment that actually works. Enter Blue MD – a blue light acne device that promises to revolutionize the way we treat acne by successfully curing it without any negative side effects. Those lofty claims are bound to raise some questions. Intrigued – we wanted to delve a bit deeper to find out what Blue MD is all about.

So without any further delay, here is our Blue MD review.

What is it?

Blue MD is an acne light therapy system that is FDA approved and has scientific research backing its success. The unique bulb used in this blue light acne treatment emits a wavelength 420 nm (nanometers) – outside of the dangerous UV range. Therefore, when using the Blue MD device, one can feel comfortable about its safety and not worry about any of the problems associated with UV radiation.

The onset of acne breakouts begin because of bacteria in the pores of our skin. Using high intensity blue light at a specific wavelength range actually kills these acne-causing bacteria, specifically P.Acnes Bacterium. This variation of bacteria leads to pustules and pimples, and blue-light therapy has proven extremely successful in destroying this bacterium and thus, eliminating blemishes. Of course, there are many different types of acne but it appears that those who suffer from mild to even the most severe cases will see results with Blue MD.

What I liked?

The primary benefit of Blue MD is the fact that there is no hyperbole when it comes to its effectiveness. Scientific studies (that you can read here) have established that phototherapy works when it comes to treating acne. It is one thing to have some bold claims and testimonials, but it is another to see scientific research that backs up the claim.

Another benefit is that most people notice a significant difference in their skin using Blue MD for only 20 minutes, three times a week. While 20 minutes may seem like a long time at first, if you listen to your favorite music or podcast, before you know it the time is up. And the fact that you can use it in the comfort of your own home is also great, because you can save time (and money) traveling to and from the doctor’s office.

Lastly, I really like that Blue MD includes its own set of precautionary eye protection goggles. While this may seem like a relatively minor thing, many competing products require you to supply your own eye protection. This not only saves you a bit of money, but also ensures that you have the RIGHT type of eye protection, which means that you can start using your Blue MD out of the box and be on your way to clearer skin immediately.

What I Don’t Like?

First – Despite the fact that this acne treatment device works for most people, those with more severe cases will need to spend a longer time using it. While the results are impressive and acne is drastically reduced, busy people may find it difficult to carve out the necessary time to use the Blue MD device for optimal results.

That said – we feel that any acne sufferer that is truly motivated to rid themselves of their affliction will find the appropriate time in their schedule to do so.

Second – there’s a cost factor involved here, as Blue MD is not cheap. While one can easily reason that ‘you can’t really put a price on healthy-looking skin’ – this is not an inexpensive device. However, if you are currently using creams, lotions or prescription drugs to manage your acne, you are still spending a bundle of cash every month. Though Blue MD is a bit of an investment, using the blue light acne device means that you will be require other costly treatment options far less, if at all.

Overall thoughts

If you are interested in making a change and trying something different to rid yourself of your acne problems, Blue MD is highly recommended. It is true that the device is expensive and it might seem a little strange at first to combat skin problems with blue light – but the fact is that it works. Regardless of where on your body you are suffering from acne, we highly recommend trying Blue MD at least once to see if it makes a difference.

With a 12-month warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose but your acne!

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