Microderm MD Review – As Good As a Professional Treatment?

Microderm MD Review

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Have you been considering the purchase of an at home microdermabrasion machine? After all, who doesn’t want to have healthy, glowing skin and a flawless complexion?

That seems like a silly question – and in this day and age when medical science has merged so beautifully with skin care technology, there is absolutely no reason why anyone should have to settle for less than the beautiful skin that they deserve.

Even for those of us that are committed to looking beautiful naturally, there are numerous options now available to achieve our desired results without resorting to invasive surgery, injections and harsh chemicals.

One of the most popular and effective options is microdermabrasion. This medically proven procedure involves the combined use of diamond tip manual exfoliation and powerful suction – and can erase acne scars and fine lines, plump the skin, and promote collagen production. Simply put, microdermabrasion – when done properly can literally turn back the hands of time with just a few sessions.

Until recently, the challenge with the microdermabrasion procedure has been that was exclusively a medical procedure that was performed only in a dermatologist’s office or by a trained medical esthetician. As such the procedure was both time and cost prohibitive and, thus, reserved for a selective few.

In recent years, however, many personal microdermabrasion machines have been introduced in the marketplace. Up until recently, the reviews of these machines have been less than stellar, as poor construction and lack of power yielded limited results.

Enter Microderm MD – a state of the art, medical grade at home microdermabrasion machine that promises to provide you with the same professional treatment that you can get at a doctor’s office or spa, right in the comfort of your own home. Furthermore, Microderm MD promises these results in just ten minutes a day. So – does Microderm MD live up to its lofty claims?


What is it?

As stated above, Microderm MD is a professional grade at home microdermabrasion machine that promises that it will improve skin conditions such as enlarged pores, fine lines, acne scars, wrinkles, age spots – as well as improving your skin’s texture and tone.

Of course that sounds like a lot of work for a single machine, so how does Microderm MD claim to live up to these promises?

Unlike many of the other microdermabrasion machines on the market, Microderm MD – is a professional grade machine. We cannot stress this enough. Micorderm MD does not use any crystals or any messy lotions like many so- called microdermabrasion machines.

Rather, it utilizes a professional grade diamond tip and medical grade suction, which allows it to successfully tackle the above stated skin conditions and achieve optimal results. The process takes only 10 minutes and includes the following simple steps:

  • Wash your face and let it thoroughly dry
  • Use the Microderm MD machine per manufacturer’s instructions
  • Wash your face again (this removes the exfoliated dead skin cells)
  • Moisturize your face with the natural organic serum and cream of choice
  • Change the filter of your Microderm MD machine (in preparation for the next use)

The personal microdermabrasion machine has two different settings, allowing you to adjust the (five levels of) suction power automatically or doing so manually. Just like an electronic toothbrush that tells you when to move your brush to different parts of your mouth, the machine tells you when it is time to move onto different parts of your face.

Microderm MD – The Pros

First – At the risk of stating the obvious, the thing I like best about Microderm MD  is the fact that you can get professional results at your convenience and in the comfort of your home.

When you compare a 10 to 15 minute Microderm MD session to a professional treatment – you might not even make it TO the doctor’s office in the time it takes to complete your at home microdermabrasion treatment. For anyone whose time is limited and precious, this is priceless.

Second – Microderm MD delivers measureable and noticeable results. To me, personally – this was far more important than the amount of time I saved (what good is saving time if you have mediocre results?).

I have experienced a marked improvement of fine lines and wrinkles, and what continues to impress me is the plumpness, firmness, and overall texture of my skin. The results are nothing short of remarkable.

Third – this machine is surprisingly easy to use. I have to admit, upon first seeing the device, I was a bit intimidated and anticipated it being complicated and difficult to master. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that this was not the case at all.

Because the machine itself tells you when to move to different areas of your face, you are never left wondering what to do next. The instructions are very clear and after my first or second session with the Microderm MD machine, I did not need to reference the instructions again.


Microderm MD – The Cons

Though this little machine can save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in doctor and/or salon visits over the long run, it is nonetheless a sizeable investment. So much so that many people might look at the cost of the machine and suggest that it is ‘too expensive’.

It is important, however, to think long term and how much money it would cost to achieve and maintain your excellent results with professional microdermabrasion treatments. When this is factored into the equation, I think most people would agree that the investment is money well spent.

It is also important to note that an at home microdermabrasion treatment with Microderm MD is not necessarily advised if you have somewhere important to go. Because of the intensity of the exfoliation delivered by this powerful device, your skin will be red for a while afterward.

Fear not – that simply means the machine is doing its job! For this reason, you may not want to use the machine before work or an important event.

I have resolved this issue by making my at home microdermabrasion treatments a part of my night time skin care regimen 3-4 times per week (I’ve worked my way up to that over time). I’ve also discovered that the intense exfoliation enhances the benefits of my organic skin care products because they are penetrated more deeply into the skin.

Overall Thoughts

When it comes to purchasing an at home microdermabrasion machine, there are two important factors to consider: 1.) Is it worth the investment and 2.) Does it deliver results?

There is nothing inexpensive about the Microderm MD machine. However, when it comes to producing results, this at home microdermabrasion machine absolutely delivers.

With regular use your skin will look smoother, younger and healthier than it has in years – and there is no discomfort, mess, or difficult instructions to deal with. Because it comes with a 12-month warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee, I would say that Microderm MD is a pretty safe investment!


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