New Acne Treatments – The Latest in Holistic Acne Solutions

New Acne Treatments

There are literally millions of people who struggle with acne but thankfully, there are now a number of new acne treatments available.

For some, breakouts are mild while for others they are serious to the point of leaving unsightly scars.

Over the past decade there have been a number of breakthroughs specific to commercial and prescription products used to treat this skin condition.

However, because this is still a major problem, safe and effective treatments are constantly being developed to include those made with natural organic skin care ingredients as well.

New Acne Treatments – Changes on the Horizon

There is hope knowing that medical professionals, researchers, and scientists have joined forces in an effort to improve current acne treatments but also devise new solutions.

Still, it takes time for any product to reach the market. Even for those made with natural or organic ingredients, there is a ton of research and testing involved, followed by manufacturing before any of the new acne treatments are ready for consumer use.

Unfortunately, some doctors continue to recommend outdated treatments that have been around for years. For patients, this means opportunities to benefit from the latest holistic acne treatments are being missed.

Because of this, we strongly recommend going to a medical expert who is proactive in treating this and other skin conditions. Keep in mind that only some medical experts are open-minded when it comes to all natural skin care products so you may want to consult a holistic or homeopathic doctor as well.

What to Consider Before Investing Your Money in New Acne Treatments

Whether choosing a natural or conventional treatment, there are several factors that need to be considered:

  • Effectiveness – Natural/organic products are not governed by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) whereas products containing inorganic ingredients are. However, with either option, you need to carefully check consumer reviews and the manufacturing company’s history in an effort to determine if the product works as claimed.
  • Convenience – Even the application or delivery system needs to be considered. Whether taking natural or prescription medication or using a topical solution, the product needs to be easy and convenient.
  • Price – The cost of the best acne treatments needs to be a worthwhile investment. Although the newest acne treatments are often more expensive when initially introduced to the public, there must be a genuine effort to keep costs down since not all solutions are covered by insurance. The other issue is that some people do not have insurance, making affordability a critical factor


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New Acne Treatments – Next Generation Solutions

Today, there is a growing number of people who prefer holistic acne treatments made with natural or organic substances. Because of high demand, a number of innovative solutions are now available.

  • Most of the new acne treatments are designed to diminish the effects of acne and prevent breakouts. Thankfully, there are more viable solutions than ever before, which includes both commercial products and homemade remedies. However, researchers are making incredible strides in identifying a way to isolate the bacterium responsible for breakouts. Obviously, this is exciting news but even with $3 billion dollars being spent annually to fight acne, experts believe an actual vaccine or cure is still several years away.
  • Probiotics play a critical role in treating and preventing acne. There are a number of things that cause P. acne bacteria on the skin to react such as hormones, genetics, and a spike in insulin level. New acne treatments that incorporate probiotics are making a significant impact since they contain good bacteria that fight acne while at the same time, help restore normal bacteria content on the skin.
  • New acne treatments are also being developed specifically for children. Until a few years ago, a child 12 years of age was considered too young for treatment but because puberty is being reached much younger than ever before, children as young as six years old are experiencing hormonal imbalances and therefore, acne breakouts. Compared to earlier acne solutions, prescription and commercial products are much safer yet still effective. However, there are also a number of natural remedies that also get excellent results for children.

An Cure in the Near Future?

Keep in mind that new developments for treating acne include prescription medication, conventional topical solutions, and natural skin care remedies.

Many of the treatments now available work exceedingly well. But because acne affects so many people and can be difficult to treat in certain cases, experts continue to work in finding a “miracle” treatment or cure.

With the latest scientific advances and holistic acne treatments, there just may be a cure for this troublesome affliction in our near future!


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