Your Face Pillow Review – Redefining the Meaning of ‘Beauty Sleep’?

Your Face Pillow Review

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What if someone told you that all (or most) of your skin problems could be eliminated merely by changing your sleep position?

Well, that’s precisely what the manufacturers of Your Face Pillow proclaim …

You see, their theory is that wrinkles and acne are actually caused by sleeping night after night with your face smashed against your pillow. This consistent and harmful pressure, as documented by scientific research can wreak havoc on your skin.

Your Face Pillow was developed with the purpose of providing a lasting solution to acne and wrinkles by allowing you to sleep comfortably and securely in the position most optimal for maintaining the health and beauty of your face.

Recent studies have shown that nightly facial pressure on one’s pillow can exasperate acne and cause deep creases and wrinkles. Your Face Pillow claims that simply changing your sleep position will eliminate the need for expensive drugs and topical treatments to treat blemished and aging skin.

Can it really be that simple? Before we discuss the pros and cons of our Your Face Pillow Review, let’s take a closer look at the product.

What is It?

Your Face Pillow was designed and created by a former acne sufferer who discovered that simply changing his sleep position eliminated his acne affliction. It quickly became apparent, however, that the standard pillows on the market did not provide the proper support needed to free your face from any harmful pressure and contact during sleep. So he sought to create a face pillow that would fill that void.

Your Face Pillow is constructed out of high grade memory foam that provides maximum comfort and support. Its unique, patent-pending design contours to your neck and head, assuring that there is no contact between your face and pillow during your sleeping hours.

What We Like?

Surprisingly, there’s a lot we like about Your Face Pillow.

(At first glance) it reminded us of some sort of head vice – it looked more like the device used for restraining one’s head in an MRI machine than a pillow designed for peaceful slumber and lasting beauty. We couldn’t possibly imagine how something so odd looking might be the solution for acne prone and aging skin.

That said, we were delighted to discover just how comfortable the Your Face Pillow is – it cradles the head completely, while providing the necessary support for maintaining the optimal sleep position for beauty.

Its patented pillow technology contours to the head and neck perfectly, ensuring that you will comfortably remain within the parameters of the pillow, without disturbing your sleep position during the night. The result is a flawless morning complexion free from blemishes and creases. Thus – this unique design accomplishes what other face pillow imitators cannot.

Aside from its comfort and efficacy, here are some of the other things we like about the Your Face Pillow:

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Remove-able,Washable Cover
  • Convenient Size for Travel
  • Made in the USA
  • 60 Day Product Guarantee – 100% Refund (minus shipping)
New and Improved My Face Pillow

                         New and Improved!

**REVIEW UPDATE ~ 07/10/2014    Your Face Pillow is now even better!  This amazing pillow is now a bit larger and even more comfy … the new and improved version has ergonomic neck support, as well as more cushion and stability. It is now a perfect stand-alone pillow and is still a convenient size for travel … Check it out!

What We Don’t Like?

Your Face Pillow, though a great product, may have a few issues that need to be addressed.

1.) The pillow, made from high-grade memory foam, is delivered in a tightly sealed plastic wrap. When first removed from the wrapper, there is a subtle odor emitted from the foam. I have experienced this with many other memory foam products that I’ve purchased. Some people (like me) are sensitive to the odor – others are not.

However – once the product is allowed to breathe for a bit, all traces of the odor are eliminated completely.

2.) In order for the Your Face Pillow to be effective, you must be committed to sleeping on your back.

For those of you that are already ‘back sleepers’, this is obviously not an issue.

For others (like me) who have been life-long stomach sleepers and side sleepers, the change of sleep position may be challenging.

That said – anything worthwhile is worth the effort, right? And waking up to a smooth, fresh complexion is great motivation for making the change.

3.) We want to point out that Your Face Pillow, though extremely effective, may not be the complete solution to all skin problems.

Despite the research indicating that consistent facial pressure during sleep can contribute to acne and wrinkles, we also know (as indicated in many of the articles on this site) that there are often additional, underlying factors (such as hormones and physiological aging) that are at play with these skin issues.

Can you eliminate your skin care issues simply by changing your sleep position?  Unfortunately, that’s a bit unrealistic and might ultimately lead to disappointment.

However,  as part of your natural anti-acne and/or anti-wrinkle skin care arsenal, Your Face Pillow can play an invaluable role in keeping your skin smooth and blemish free.

Overall Impressions

Suffice it to say that we are quite impressed with Your Face Pillow and its potential to help stave off skin eruptions and some of the ravages of aging. It’s lightweight, comfortable and affordable … and most importantly it delivers on its promise to provide optimal support for beauty sleep.

If you’re looking for some added assistance in maintaining the overall health and beauty of your complexion, we recommend that you give Your Face Pillow a try. After all – who can’t use a bit of extra help in maintaining their flawless complexion?

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